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Doula, an invaluable aid

“We were very satisfied with Luana’s support before, while and after the birth of our firstborn child.
Luana has been from the beginning practical but at the same time discreet, reliable, comforting,
positive and sweet but never intrusive.
Moreover, during the breastfeeding phase we spotted some problems but Luana was able to give the
fundamental support in order to carry on the nursing which at the end gave us, and to our baby as
well, great satisfaction.
Especially for a woman who is becoming mother for the first time is very comforting to be able to
rely on another woman who is neutral and well-informed on pregnancy, delivery and puerperium.
Having someone in the delivery room who knows you and the different phases of that moment, and
if necessary how to ease them, is an invaluable gift for the parents.
So, thank you so much, Luana!”​

Alessandra e Alessandro

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